TWILIGHT SERIES: love or hate?

Thing 1: Have you guys heard the song “I hate you, I love you” by Gnash? Well the chorus of the song is the perfect description of my feelings towards the Twilight Series.

Thing 2: Those blood thirsty gorgeous creatures make me go ga ga and I do have to admit that I did watch that movie on repeat for about seven times straight. Yes, I went a bit crazy but in my defense I was only 12.

Thing 1: Seriously, only 7 times?  I watched it at least 20 times and after the first ten times, I knew each and every dialogue of the movie. Especially Edward’s ❤ #TeamEdward

Thing 2: Well, I only could handle so much of Edward because watching him be with clumsy Bella was getting torturous. Team Edward? Seriously? Ok after the first movie that was me too but Jacob got hot and the whole mate thing was so dreamy so yes since New Moon, I was team Jacob. However, Edward would always be my first.

Thing 1: Bella was clumsy, wasn’t she? Edward Cullen will always be my first love. I think Taylor Lautner is hot but can you imagine Bella & Jacob together? They’d be so boring :/

Thing 2: Ok so I obviously wasn’t thinking about Bella when I chose my team. I don’t wanna any of my babies to be with her. She was the epitome of clumsy, like she kept on getting hurt and poor Edward had to carry that human everywhere.

Thing 1: I really do have a love-hate relationship with the series. Watching some of the scenes, my 2016 self actually cringed because the scenes were so corny. Like how Jacob imprinted on Renesmee? That was so weird. And lets not forget Meyer’s definition of a vampire, “I sparkle under the sunlight…”. On the other hand though, I loved Edward and Bella’s wedding scene. It was so beautiful. I also loved their relationship. And how bloody perfect Edward was! ❤

Thing 2: There are somethings of my past that I wouldn’t watch right now and twilight is  one of them. My 12 year-old self loved that supernatural romance crap but that movie was meant for that age. I don’t get why thirty year olds have to say bad things about it? It is not meant for them because they have out lived the whole happily ever after concept.

Thing 1: I would like to say that I’ve outgrown those movies but sorry, I can’t be too sure coz once I get into that mode, I just can’t help but love the movies.

Thing 2: Hehehe that’s true, once a romance freak always a romance freak.

I think that like the both of us, you guys would most probably have a love hate or hate-hate relationship with the saga but that doesn’t mean that we should diss the whole series. Yes, there were a thousand corny moments but in life which is super real, one needs to escape reality and movies like these makes life more enjoyable.

So tell us about your feelings regarding the twilight saga or any other supernatural movie.

Love, love and lots of love

Thing 1 & Thing 2



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