Summer is a time for decisions

I remember being a kid and looking forward to summer. It was meant to be the time when I would not do anything but eat and sleep. That is no longer the case now that I am a college student.

Seriously, life turns around when you are in college. I don’t really understand why that happens but it does. Everyone wants to be the best and even if you don’t want to compete, you have to work your hardest to stay in the race. When the semester is over, people look forward to summer and having some time off. However, nowadays that is not a liberty one can afford when in college. Even before the semester is over people start talking about how they plan to spend their summer doing something productive, like volunteering, working or taking summer courses whereas all I want to do is sleep and catch up on all my shows.

Is is really horrible that I would rather binge watch all the episodes of Arrow rather than take courses in the summer and go though everything that I went through for a whole year? Don’t I deserve a break?

The answer to this is YES, I do. It wasn’t easy coming up with this decision but this is something I just had to do for myself. The fear of falling behind is obviously there but exhausting myself is definitely not the right thing to do. What if I work really hard in the summer and lose the motivation to work hard in the Fall? It is important to do what you feel is right for you and not to follow what other people are doing. It may seem like your decision is different but don’t worry and just go with it. If you have made a decision for yourself then it must be what you truly need!!

So stop stressing over these things and try to enjoy summer in whatever way you like without thinking about what others are doing. The goal is to have a good time and to feel satisfied with yourself, if that is happening then whatever you are doing is right . (:

Love, love and lots of love,

Thing 2.


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