Welcome to the hunger games

In life we have all embodied Jennifer Lawrence once or twice when on a college campus, especially freshmen year. College is our hunting ground where we look to find that one spot that we can sneak away to be ourselves without being judged. In time that one spot becomes the reason why we actually want to go to college because let’s face it with math being a foreign language there is not much that motivates you.

So if you haven’t yet found that one spot that makes you happy then that’s what you need to do. For me it’s my daily fix of coffee and bagel that brings a smile to my face and lights up my whole day. Don’t be afraid to spend a couple of hours of your day checking out each spot, may it be a library or just a nice spot under a large tree. Trust me it will make the whole transition so much easier and if it’s a place that sells caffeine then you would always be charged like me.

I hope this piece of advice helps all of you and let me know about your spots in the comment section below!!!

Love, love and lots of love

Thing 2.


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