Everywhere I look, I see numerous pictures of cats. Don’t get me wrong, those fluffy cuties can make anybody’s heart melt. Thats not the case when you are scarred by a stray monster that jumps on you when u least expect it. Something like that happened to me a couple of years ago, ok lets cut the bullshit that is exactly what happened with me.  I was minding my own business and sitting indian style on the floor in a bazaar aka market. Ok don’t ask me what i was doing on the floor cuz if I tell you I might have to kill you (sorry I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately). Anyways out of nowhere i feel a sharp stab on my back. As I turn my head back, I see a vicious creature with beady green eyes, sharp teeth and immensely long claws latched onto my back btw that creature is also known as a cat. I still get chills when i think about it, eww!!!!! So now y’all know why I’m not a cat lover although I do occasionally awn at cute cat pics cuz lets face it I’m a girl and we loving doing that sort of shit 😉

Scottish Fold are my favorite because they are adore-a-able!!!!

Love, love and lots of love ,

Thing 2.


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  1. “when you are scarred by a stray monster that jumps on you when u least expect it.”

    Really? You were startled by a little pussy cat and her tiny claws?

    I was mauled in the face by a large Rott-Lab mix who sent me to the hospital for stitches that had to be ripped out a day later due to rotting skin. He nearly removed an eye and my upper lip and I bear the scars to this day.

    Fuck dogs. Kitties, for the win.


    1. well we all have our battles and live to tell the tale, we can’t all be badasses all the time.


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